Welcome to Glenn P. Rudolph LLC

Glenn P. Rudolph LLC offers reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines pertaining to individuals and their business interests.  

What Makes Glenn P. Rudolph LLC Different


Glenn has been both a consumer and a provider of legal services for. As a business person Glenn has been a customer of internal and retained outside legal services. He has also been a provider of services to the federal judiciary, individuals, and businesses. This background and experience as a consumer and a provider of services allows Glenn to appreciate the needs and objectives of clients. Effectiveness, efficiiency, timeliness, and a results orientation are at the forefront.

What Clients Can Expect


In addition to a solutions-orientation, tenacity, and creativity, clients can expect their telephone calls and e-mails to be answered within twenty-four hours. This includes weekends.


It is understood that transactions and objectives oftentimes can best be facilitated and consumated, at least in part, during non-traditional business hours. Glenn will do his absolute best to accomodate your needs and interests insofar as timing and scheduling are concerned.   

What We Offer


While Glenn P. Rudolph LLC offers legal counsel in a variety of areas, his primary practice areas are estate planning and probate, real estate, business law, and civil litigation.